Trends of the modern PLC

Sept. 23, 2016
We explore why many still see the PLC as king of controllers.

Control choices can vary, sometimes by application or sometimes by engineers’ preferences or expertise. But, the more the needle moves, the more it stays in the same place.

Futurists constantly predict the demise of the PLC, and yet many see its use is as prevalent as ever. Is this the case industry-wide?

"Probably 95% of machine builders still use PLCs as the controller of choice when they design a piece of machinery," says Chris Elston, Yamaha Robotics. "There really aren’t a lot of people out there who have switched over to something like PACs or PC-based control or anything of that nature.”

In this special report, we explore various case studies, editorials and more to discover why some are calling the PLC the continuous king of controllers. Click here to read the special report. 

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