Carlo Gavazzi 3 A solid-state relay

March 27, 2024

Carlo Gavazzi’s 3-A, dc-rated solid-state relay (SSR), the RM1D060D3, part of the  RM1D Series, will have a rated output voltage of up to 60 Vdc. With this RM1D Series dc solid-state relay expansion, Carlo Gavazzi offers ratings up to 3 A, 10 A, 20 A, 50 A or 100 A at up to 60 Vdc, up to 20 A or 50 A at up to 200 Vdc, and up to 10 A at up to 500 Vdc. The RM1D060D3 characteristics include low-power dissipation output MOSFET; fully solid state, designed to ensure trouble-free operation over a high number of switching cycles; control voltage range of 4 to 32 Vdc; IP20 touch-safe cover; and switching frequencies up to 1,000 Hz. The RM1D Series is designed specifically for applications such as dc heaters, solenoid valves, test equipment, mobile equipment, refrigerated trucks/trains and connection and disconnection of battery sources.

Carlo Gavazzi /