CAD Software

Understanding the digital thread with a BOM-centric approach

Siemens has focused on making their applications user-friendly with built-in training and context-based help
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

5 trends shaping technology adoption

System integrator Gray Solutions focuses on AI, robotics, machine vision, edge computing and digital twins
Development Platforms

True digital twins behave like their physical counterparts

Real-world data and a fully visualized platform allows engineering and operations to interpret the system state and motion
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Unlocking the power of digital twins: a guide for system integrators

From design validation to predictive maintenance, digital twins maximize efficiency and performance across the project lifecycle
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Digital twins provide insights during machine design and validation processes

A comprehensive digital twin can benefit the design verification and follow equipment to optimize production
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The rising importance of the digital twin

Digital twins have become a make-or-break resource for controls engineers
CAD Software

How to supercharge your design workflow with eCAD

Electronic computer-aided design software can boost efficiency and minimize errors
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Power drive systems get a boost from digital twins

Siemens' approach to digital twin adoption includes the development of a digital model to test temperature rise for a power drive component
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Manage aging components with a system approach

Integrated controls and automation systems with IT and software in a DevOps environment could enable product lifecycle management and overcome component obsolescence