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4 dimensions to improve capabilities in simulation and test

Model the complexity, explore the possibilities, go faster and stay integrated
Development Platforms

You can’t do a digital twin without simulation

Simulation was designed for manufacturers and engineers to mirror digital spaces
Development Platforms

3D simulation speeds design and verification

Build and run production lines before physical installation
Development Platforms

How IEC 61499 can standardize interoperability

Data-enabled, software-centric, plug-and-produce automation and reference implementation drive universal automation
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

The metaverse of madness

How manufacturing is embracing the virtual world
Development Platforms

Keep your hardware platform vendor-agnostic

Reduce single-source risk and avoid forced upgrades with modular, scalable, open-architecture technologies
CAD Software

A.G. Stacker expands digital-twin applications

More than a virtual-commissioning tool, digital twins are being used to test-drive machinery and design/build to custom specifications
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Engineering trends shaping pharmaceutical manufacturing

2020 was a good year for cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturers. Financial investment in CGT companies skyrocketed by 200% and the researchers behind CRISPR/ Cas9 brought home...
Development Platforms

Simulation sets the stage

Imagine the possibilities that software creates with simulated scenarios