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CAD Software

Understanding the digital thread with a BOM-centric approach

Siemens has focused on making their applications user-friendly with built-in training and context-based help
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Digital twins provide insights during machine design and validation processes

A comprehensive digital twin can benefit the design verification and follow equipment to optimize production
CAD Software

How to supercharge your design workflow with eCAD

Electronic computer-aided design software can boost efficiency and minimize errors
CAD Software

Electrical computer-aided design continues to evolve

The days of drawing boards and T-squares have given way to ECAD software
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A.G. Stacker expands digital-twin applications

More than a virtual-commissioning tool, digital twins are being used to test-drive machinery and design/build to custom specifications
CAD Software

Engineering services complement technologies

Reduce lead times and carbon footprints without draining competencies
CAD Software

Computer-aided-design software draws on the concept of innovation

From drawing tables and T-squares to computer-aided-design, the tools for design have evolved with technology to make the process faster and easier
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Breathe life into your design

Plan well, ask lots of questions and include extra room for the late-term changes that always come with an automation project
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Control panel design starts with the basics

Don't confuse control panel design with the environmental rating or physical configuration of the enclosure.
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How does the investment in software training compare to the returns?

How can you convince management that the investment in eCAD software will provide a return that exceeds the initial costs?
CAD Software

Panel building advances OEM’s delivery times

Industrial vacuum machine builder uses a configurable control cabinet system to compress costs, as well as design-and-build cycle.
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Yokogawa and Shell develop next-generation software suite

The jointly developed Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation is said to speed up and simplify advanced process control applications.