Power drive systems get a boost from digital twins

Feb. 21, 2024
Siemens' approach to digital twin adoption includes the development of a digital model to test temperature rise for a power drive component

What can digital twins do for the manufacturing industry? Machine Design found that there is transformative potential for digital twins to streamline certification processes and reduce reliance on physical testing.

By leveraging verified and validated digital models, engineers can anticipate design variations, optimize product development, and significantly reduce costs and time to market.

Additionally, the shift towards a "shift left approach" emphasizes the importance of early validation in identifying alternative design options and minimizing risks throughout the project lifecycle, ultimately benefiting both manufacturers and customers.

In Machine Design’s article, Siemens collaborated with UL Solutions to develop a digital model of the temperature rise test for a power drive component, ultimately achieving certification to the second edition of UL/IEC 61800-5-1. This milestone marks a significant advancement in the field of digital twins, demonstrating their potential in navigating compliance requirements for complex electronic products such as power drive systems.

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