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Touch panel combines aesthetic design and performance

March 5, 2019
Visualization of a wide range of applications
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The Wago Touch Panel 600 operates, observes, visualizes and diagnoses production, buildings and the process industry. Touch panels with various hardware configurations are available for small- to mid-sized control and visualization tasks. Behind a contemporary design, the Touch Panel 600 packs some powerful equipment.

The Touch Panel is designed to look great, so mounting it in a enclosure near a machine or process project adds a high-tech image to the equipment. The hardware backs up its high-tech appearance as do the high-quality visualization capabilities.

Not all Touch Panel applications have the same use requirements. They operate in different environments and often require variations in function and in configuration of offered products, depending on the application, so it's important to have flexible interface options.

The Wago Touch Panel 600 family offers various product versions, including a standard line, a marine line and an advanced line. The standard line includes resistive touchscreens for most industry standard control cabinet applications. The advanced line includes a capacitive multi-touch glass surface display with greater mechanical and chemical resistance for use in more extreme environments.

“The multicore processor and high-resolution screens offer machine builders the opportunity to pair leading-edge technology with impressive performance and graphics,” says Charlie Norz, product manager, Wago. “Our advanced multi-touch devices can react to gestures and can provide users with navigation tools that are familiar to everyone like those on smart phones and tablets, helping operators become more efficient with their daily tasks.”

The Wago Touch Panel 600 also includes hardware configuration as a Web panel, a visu panel and a control panel. The Web panels, as the name suggests, are optimized for Web browser access of Wago controllers via standard Web protocols creating Web visualizations using HTML5 technology. This Web-based functionality also enables the visualizations to be displayed on smartphones and tablets.

The visu panel expands on the functionality of the Web panel. It offers greater performance with the visualization of fieldbus data and offloads the controller. The visu panel provides an integrated Web server for Web visualization so the controller doesn't need to.

A third configuration option is the control panel. It provides both Web and visu panel visualization functionality and adds execution of control functions, as well as support for additional fieldbus systems. Through the use of a library, Wago’s control panels are IoT-ready touch controllers that use MQTT to send data from the field level to the cloud.

The Wago touch panels provide high operating speed and parallel execution of computing operations with an AMD Cortex-A9 multicore processor. This hardware combined with an open, future-ready Linux operating system enables programming in IEC 61131 languages or directly in Linux. The e!Cockpit Engineering Software, which is based on CoDeSys V3, a manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software platform, is used for visualization, programming, fieldbus configuration, recipe management and off-line simulation.

Whether the visualization is via HTML5 on a smartphone, tablet or PC, built-in cybersecurity keeps the data and application safe. Both SSH and SSL/TLS encryption methods are integrated by default for establishing secure HTTPS and FTPS connections. A firewall provides additional protection against unwanted access.

“Offering integrated cybersecurity, such as the Touch Panel’s onboard firewall and TLS encryption methods, helps users to keep their plant networks secure without purchasing additional networking devices,” says Norz. The Wago Touch Panel 600 is a possible solution to touchscreen operator interface needs, considering the variations and configurations available. The touch panel is suitable for use in a wide range of environments and is easy to program multiple ways. Whether used for Web, visualization, control or all the above, these touch panels are designed to be future-ready.

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