Delta Electronics HMI

May 31, 2024

Delta Electronics' HMI product, the DOP-100 model, is CE- and UL-certified to ensure compliance with international safety standards and regulations. The DOP-100 HMI by Delta Electronics is a human-machine interface designed to streamline industrial processes and enhance productivity. It comes in categories of basic, standard and advanced. Featuring Cortex-A8 (800 MHz) processors for basic and standard models, and dual core Cortex-A7 1Ghz processor for the advanced models, the DOP-100 Series employs 16-bit or 24-bit color LCD screens with high brightness and contrast. Equipped with the HMI programming software DIAScreen and a built-in Lua editor, the DOP-100 Series offers customization and management. With communication capabilities and functions, it is designed to enhance machine efficiency.

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