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Listening to Our Online Visitors - We Are All Ears

March 8, 2011
What Are You Looking For? Do You Visit Us for Our News Reports, In-Depth Articles... or Something Else? How Can We Improve Your Online Experience?
About the Author

Katherine Bonfante is senior digital editor for Control and Control Design. You can email her at [email protected] or check out her Google+ profile.

How was everything today? Can I help you find something? Would you visit us again? How would you rate this experience? These and other questions are what you hear service employees ask when you visit their merchandise store or restaurant, or when you call their 1-800 phone line.

Here at www.ControlDesign.com, we are all ears and we want to hear from you. Now I ask you: How can we improve your online experience?

White Papers

Modern Automation Software Drives Productivity
Learn how machine builders and system integrators employ new technologies, cutting development and engineering costs to improve execution.

To Flex or Not to Flex: How to Specify a Cable for Flexing Applications
A cable that is meant for flexing applications is, by its very nature, a flexible cable—or is it?

To download PDF papers, go to www.ControlDesign.com/whitepapers.

As a popular fast food chain says, "Have it your way." When you visit us online, you can have it your way there as well. What are you looking for? Do you visit us for our news reports, in-depth articles, how-to videos, product demonstration videos, products, white papers? Maybe you are looking to find more of a certain topic—or possibly less. Let us know what you’re looking for at www.ControlDesign.com/listening. Trust me, we are listening.

Knowing how to service your target audience is important, not only to us but to you machine builders also. Take for example the article "Why Machine Builders Sell Services," in which Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert looks at how and why a machine builder can create service revenue to supplement its main line of business. Hebert also says that machine builders mostly sell products, while system integrators sell services. How is this so? Read this article  to find out more.

On the Web

How to design low-power wireless sensor networks. www.ControlDesign.com/GreenPeak

Stuxnet: Too much hype or not enough? www.ControlDesign.com/hype

In "Service — Here Today, Gone Tomorrow," columnist Jeremy Pollard says warranties are a necessary part of any business and that a good customer will most certainly get a better deal. Do you think this is true? Do you, as an industrial service provider, have a different policy? If so, what’s your policy? Read the entire article to learn more.

Providing a service the public needs and wants is essential to any successful business, but what happens when you provide a disappointing/erroneous service? Knowing how to apologize and when to do so is crucial. However, apologizing too often or insincerely can have a negative effect on your brand. Editor in Chief Joe Feeley tackles this subject in his column "Back and Worse Than Ever." Here, Feeley talks about how some service providers no longer bother to get things right in the first place. These companies have made it standard practice to apologize every time they screw up. They apologize and move on, but offering an honest good service is far from their goal. See some of the examples Feeley points to by reading this article.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to stop by our Machine Builder Forum (www.ControlDesign.com/listening) or Twitter feed @Control_Design to let us know how we can make your online experience better. Take our web poll at www.ControlDesign.com/webpoll to tell us how you interact with our site and social media communities.

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