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July 9, 2009
Just Like Most Americans Expect Big Movie Releases from Hollywood, You, Our Loyal Control Design Readers, Expect Big Industry Releases from Us. See What Those Are
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Summer is here, and it’s only natural for people to start planning things to do. Some of us might want to get a bit tan and choose the beach. Others might be interested in indoor activities. What’s better than watching a movie, reading a good book or even a good news report?

Just like most Americans expect big movie releases from Hollywood, you, our loyal Control Design readers, expect big industry releases from us.

Well, expect no more. This summer, visit on a computer screen near you to watch, read and download our 2009 summer hits.

First, read our summer production snippets below and then visit our site. These industry releases are coming to you soon. Actually, they’re available right now and at no cost.

Enhancing Power Transmission Reliability

Download Moxa’s latest white paper to learn how EDS–510A managed Ethernet switches were used to ensure reliable and continuous power supply for one of the largest mass rapid transit systems in Japan, the Midosuji subway line in Osaka.

Streamline the Machine Control Development Process

If you are looking for a way to reduce complications in designing machine control, this white paper from National Instruments is the answer you need. The traditional process for designing embedded machine control systems typically involves multiple stages of development, and each stage requires specialized electronic design automation tools.

Learn about new, highly automated graphical system design (GSD) tools and PAC hardware systems that can help you streamline the machine control development process.

Market Intelligence Report: Programmable Controller Platforms

Control Design surveyed its audience to learn which programmable controller platforms they’re using. We asked about the controls they prefer, whether they’ve switched recently, the scan times they need and the programming languages they use. This production stars John Lewis, vice president of engineering and construction at Fulghum Industries, with his insightful comments on the research results.

Watch the video at

Making the Smart Grid Work

In order to bring down the cost of supplying power and reduce the carbon footprint of the power industry worldwide, many governments and industries have been moving the transmission and distribution of electricity to a new smart-grid model. This model is expected to produce a real–time responsive electric system from power generation to end consumers. In this white paper, Advantech discusses making the smart grid work.

This paper is available at