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Sadler returns to Weidmuller USA as president and CEO

May 31, 2024
New leader will focus on smart industrial connectivity

Randy Sadler has been named president and CEO of Weidmuller USA, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

In his new position with Weidmuller USA, he will work to expand the company’s engineering and production footprint in the United States, as well as fulfill Weidmuller’s “Made in USA” commitment by bringing smart industrial connectivity and Industry 4.0 products closer to U.S. customers.

An industry executive with almost 30 years of experience leading companies, Sadler began his career at Weidmuller USA, working there for 15 years and rising to the position of vice president of sales.

Most recently, he worked eight years at Catalytic Combustion in Bloomer, Wisconsin, serving as vice president of the company’s power emissions group where he was involved with clean power generation in hyperscale data centers throughout the United States. Prior to that position, he provided selective catalytic reduction consulting through his own business, Sadler Environmental Consulting. Previous professional experience included managerial positions in marketing and sales with SCR-Tech in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Johnson Matthey Catalysts in Alpharetta, Georgia.

He has held professional memberships in Electrical Generating Systems Association, Mission Critical Professionals (Northern Virginia and Atlanta chapters) and Western Turbine Users. In addition, he has authored or co-authored articles on catalytic reduction and fuel cell technology in industry publications.

A native of Richmond, Sadler earned a bachelor of science degree in organizational management from St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia.

“We are pleased to have gained Randy Sadler for this challenging task. He is an experienced executive who knows the company very well,” said Timo Berger, chief sales officer at Weidmuller. “Randy held various positions at Weidmuller from 1985 to 2000. As the person responsible for the U.S. business, he and his team will work to achieve the company’s goals. His many years of management experience and his broad industry expertise offer the best prerequisites for this.”

Sadler is thrilled to rejoin Weidmuller USA and lead the company forward at this pivotal time. “I have tremendous respect for the company’s legacy of innovating and delivering end-to-end solutions in smart industrial connectivity and automation, and I am confident that Weidmuller USA is well-positioned to shape the Industry 4.0 revolution with our future-ready products,” he said. “I look forward to collaborating with the very talented local and global teams to accelerate the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) innovation and create more value for our U.S. customers.”

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