SMC Corp. to host its first community day

April 12, 2022

SMC Corporation of America will host its first Community Day on Saturday, April 23, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at its headquarters at 10100 SMC Blvd. Noblesville, Indiana. On this day, SMC will invite the community to explore the big warehouse behind the gates of SMC Blvd. and welcome them to SMC & The Automation Factory.

2022 represents an exciting year for SMC as it marks the 45th anniversary of its North American establishment in 1977. In this time, SMC relocated its headquarters to Noblesville in 2009. Last year, SMC went live with its AutoStore system in its newest 1-million-square-foot warehouse expansion area inside the now 2.6-million-square-foot corporate campus. This year, SMC will celebrate its second annual National Pneumatics Day on April 27. With much to celebrate, SMC invites the community to join and explore the hidden mysteries of the factory.

SMC & The Automation Factory activities will include:

  • Factory tours and a stop to The Inventing Room
  • Bounce house, toddler bounce house, and a GIANT 75’ inflatable obstacle course at the Bouncy-Lifting Room
  • Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt and a chance to win an SMC Chocolate Bar at The Chocolate Room
  • Food trucks along Food Truck Tunnel
  • SMC’s very own AutomationVision Studio to learn about SMC products
  • Local Vendor Market at Storeroom Number Fifty-Four
  • Face painting at Face-able Wallpaper
  • Chalk drawings & Bubbles on the Chalk-olate River
  • Music & Outdoor Games & MORE!

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