NEMA names 2021 awards winners

Nov. 19, 2021

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) honored awards recipients at the gala dinner that concluded the 2021 Annual Meeting on November 4, recognizing individuals and companies for their contributions to the electrical and medical imaging industries.

Among the winners was Donald J. Hendler of Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc., who received the Bernard H. Falk Award. This award recognizes lifetime achievements in technology, management, marketing, international trade, education, public affairs and other fields important to advancing electrical manufacturing.

Hendler served as president of Leviton before becoming CEO 2007. In a career spanning more than 37 years, Hendler served several key positions at Leviton, directing strategic planning, human resources, distribution initiatives, sales, marketing and product development for Leviton North America and its subsidiary American Insulated Wire. Under his direction, the company has become among the North America's largest manufacturers of electrical and electronic wiring devices, data connectivity, energy management systems and lighting. 

In his long tenure serving on the NEMA Board, including holding the position of chair of the Board, Hendler played a pivotal role in securing consensus on eCommerce to help guide the Industry Data Exchange Association as it evolved to a successful joint venture with the National Association of Electrical Distributors.

The Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) Rӧntgen Award commemorates the father of medical imaging, Wilhelm Conrad Rӧntgen, who discovered x-rays and created the first medical diagnostic image in 1895. The 2021 recipient, Elisabeth George, Philips Healthcare head of global government affairs, standards and regulations, received the award for her contribution and participation in codes and standards that advance medical imaging technology

Kevin Lippert, codes and standards senior manager at Eaton, and George Straniero, former codes and standards manager of Atkore International, received the Kite & Key Award for their strategic work to advance the interests of the electroindustry through steadfast and active involvement in NEMA.

For more than 35 years, Lippert has advanced the electrical sector's overall codes and standards in domestic and international strategic direction. He is heavily involved in NEMA committees and sections, and serves as president of the U.S. national committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Straniero worked at Atkore for more than 25 years, during which time he was active and influential in NEMA, serving as both chair and vice-chair of the Codes and Standards Committee for five years. He supported standard harmonization by actively participating in outside organizations like UL, CSA Group and the National Fire Protection Association.

The Illuminations Award for Business Innovation is presented to an NEMA small or medium-sized member company that has demonstrated success through entrepreneurial growth, application of advanced technology or pioneering innovation. This year, Robroy Industries received the Illuminations Award for its accomplishments in manufacturing raceways systems that provide enclosed channels that form a physical pathway for electrical wiring and non-metallic enclosures that protect electrical or electronic equipment and prevent electrical shock. Founded in 1905, Robroy Industries has a rich history and four generations of leadership committed to providing end-users with innovative and superior products that deliver solutions.

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