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Thomson Industries celebrating 75 years

June 16, 2021
Company plans celebrations to commemorate the anniversary and acknowledge employees

Thomson Industries Inc., a manufacturer of linear motion control solutions, is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Activities and celebrations throughout the year will commemorate the company’s 75-year journey and acknowledge the contributions of Thomson employees.

What began as John B. Thomson Sr.’s wartime government project to reduce friction in the motion of airplane propellers led to 75 years of linear motion innovation and countless solutions provided across a wide range of industries. Thomson has grown exponentially in both size and technical capability over the years.

“Most, if not all, of the credit to the company’s success can be attributed to a long history of dedicated, persevering employees that work together toward a common goal of fulfilling the Thomson brand promise, which is helping design engineers find the optimal linear motion solution for their applications,” said Scott Benigni, Thompson President. “Thanks to their efforts, we’re in a good position to continue serving our global customers and distribution partners with the greatest breadth of the highest-quality motion components for many years to come. Our mission is to help our customers build better machines to improve lives.  I am extremely proud of the collaborative approach our team takes towards helping our customers innovate in their respective fields. From medical diagnostics and treatment and precision farming to aircraft safety and alternative energy, Thomson is partnering with our customers to find the right balance of cost, life and performance in linear motion.”

Since its incorporation 75 years ago, Thomson has made a series of acquisitions and mergers. Throughout this journey, Thomson evolved its culture by combining the best of what each company offered and has always maintained a drive for continuous improvement. In 2018, a merger with Altra Industrial Motion positioned Thomson in the Automation & Specialty platform. As part of Altra, Thomson is now even more equipped to provide complete system solutions through its control, drive, motor, power transmission and precision linear motion technologies.

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