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Rajant receives Lean Six Sigma certification

Jan. 14, 2021
Eight of its Morehead-based employees have earned the designation following an 11-month process

Rajant, the Kinetic Mesh wireless network provider, has received Lean Six Sigma certification for eight of its Morehead-based employees following an 11-month process. Process phases included a February 2020 operational assessment, five days of Green Belt classroom training and three days of Kaizen training. Rajant says the goal of receiving Lean Six Sigma certification is to eliminate waste and optimize efficiency in all of its Morehead, Kentucky business facets while maximizing the value to customers.

Rajant partnered with the Advantage Kentucky Alliance (AKA) to assist them through all phases of Lean Six Sigma certification. AKA’s center director Scott Broughton, client services manager Bill Rouse and senior continuous improvement specialist Bertram Wells served to introduce Rajant staffers to Lean Six Sigma analytical tools and, under Wells’ instruction, were trained how to properly select and use the tools in identifying and correcting operational gaps. The eight-team members were assigned individual projects that were required to ultimately prove each project’s realized savings, projected savings or cost avoidance. Projects were successfully completed and final, executive approval granted by Rajant’s Malvern, Pennsylvania-based Brad Feick, senior hardware director. Total savings stemming from the projects was about $40,000.

"It was a pleasure to instruct Rajant’s eight employees," said Wells. "This effort was championed locally by Dave Keeton, Manufacturing Manager for Rajant. Green Belt Recipients are Rajant’s Austin Clark, Dave Keeton, Jon Lacy, Ryan Lacy, David Mays, Travis Miller, Travis Pettit and Zach Wagner. In the five days spent with the Rajant team members who participated in AKA’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification program, I was impressed. Their commitment to making decisions based on verifiable data and statistical methods they learned during the training should directly impact Rajant’s future success by motivating its employees, improving customer satisfaction, and clearly focusing on measurable and quantifiable financial returns."

"The Six Sigma Green Belt course gave me an invaluable new set of tools and critical thinking methods to use in the way I approach my everyday tasks," said Rajant systems engineer Clark. "It allows me to view problems from multiple angles, ensuring I explore every solution to find the best possible one. Now, continual improvement is applied to everything I do. Work product outcomes are of higher quality and the timeline for completion improved. Six Sigma strengthened my leadership and ability to work as a team to solve a common goal. I am grateful for the skills retained from becoming a Certified Green Belt in Six Sigma as they will help throughout my career."

Into 2021, four of these eight Rajant employees will go on to Black Belt Six Sigma certification with the goal of even more operational savings.

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