ABB Robotics makes key digital services available for free

March 31, 2020
The move aims to help customers and partners keep production lines going and to enable businesses to continue to function while many are working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic

ABB’s Robotics and Discrete Automation business will make key software services available free of charge to its customers until the end of the year. Among the services included are condition monitoring and diagnostics, asset management software and remote troubleshooting and monitoring of production lines for the delivery of important supplies.

The software being made available free of charge includes ABB Ability Connected Services – Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics. The platform monitors the health and performance of single robots or entire fleets, helping customers to monitor and run robot systems at optimal performance remotely. ABB Ability Connected Services provide actionable intelligence that allows service experts to address issues that could lead to unplanned stoppages.

Features include a secure 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics service, identification of the most frequent failures, condition Monitoring and trend analytics for mechanical units and controller measurements, immediate critical alarm notifications via e-mail, system snapshot in case of alarm for fast root cause analytics, MyRobot and alarm dashboard with actionable information and virtual training support during office hours.

RobotStudio, ABB's simulation and offline programming software, is also available. It offers a complete digital twin of physical assets or systems so you can see what’s going on in a production line remotely. ABB’s RobotStudio offline programming tool enables users to create, simulate and test a complete robot installation in a virtual 3D environment without having to visit or disturb their actual production line. All RobotStudio functionalities, including all PowerPacs and CAD convertors, digital twin and Virtual Reality meetings will now be available free of charge.

Also, if technical support is needed, ABB is offering free virtual technical support enabled via Skype, Zoom or Teams.

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