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DMG Mori and Tulip partner on agile manufacturing solutions

Sept. 18, 2019
Manufacturing workforce and engineers can create apps via a drag and drop interface and integrate them with existing systems requiring no code knowledge

Through a cooperation with the US-American software supplier Tulip, DMG Mori is attempting to simplify digital manufacturing adoption. Manufacturing workforce and engineers can create apps via a drag and drop interface and integrate them with existing systems. This no-code approach is designed with the needs of production lines in mind. It enables them to collect and analyze data in real time, without any programming know-how.

"We are proud of our new alliance. After all, digitization is human-centered. With the no-code platform, employees can autonomously create manufacturing apps. Tulip is the ideal entry into digitization mainly for our medium-sized customers,” said Christian Thönes, chairman of the executive board of DMG Mori.

"Our products are very easy to understand and can be used by any technician working in production without the help of the IT department," Tulip CEO Natan Linder. "Anyone can quickly and intuitively develop apps and connect IoT devices and machines, supporting a wide range of production use cases with pre-built templates. DMG Mori offers a global footprint from which Tulip benefits especially for the SMEs who represent a huge portion of the value chain, yet lack in basic modern and accessible software solutions."

According to Tulip, manufacturing apps increase transparency along the entire process chain, which allows shop floor workers to optimize and digitize each process. All of Tulip's application data can be adapted and saved in real-time – without the need of writing code. 

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