element14 announces 2018 Community Awards winners

Feb. 21, 2019
Five winners highlight innovation in the world’s largest electronic design community.

element14 announced the winners of its annual Community Awards, which showcase how Newark element14, the Development Distributor, and element14.com encourage its members to create new electronics designs, and then share their process so others can learn from it.

A recent survey of the element14 Community shows many community members depend on single board computers’ ready-to-use embedded development platforms for building end-products. One single board computer called out for its reliability was the Raspberry Pi.

The top designs and most helpful contributors are featured in five winning categories: Member of the Year, Roadtester of the Year, Best Design Challenge Project of the Year, element14 Presents Video Project of the Year and Project14 Theme of the Year.

The winners of the element14 2018 Community Awards are:

  • Member of the Year – Dixon Selvan: Selvan is a first-time Community Awards winner. He competed in the Design for a Cause challenge, submitted several RoadTest reviews and contributed multiple projects to the monthly Project14 competitions.
  • RoadTester of the Year – Gough Lui: Lui is this year’s top roadtester thanks to his extremely thorough review of a high-end Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope that shared its benefits and capabilities with the community and helped to discover some minor software improvements.
  • Best Design Challenge Project of the Year – Smart Range Hood by James O’Gorman: According to element14, O’Gorman created a 5-star design with his smart range hood that used custom sheet metal, 3D printed enclosures and an interactive app to control the fan, touchscreen display and a custom “Summon Husband” button.
  • element14 Presents Video Project of the Year – Andy West’s “Game Genie”: Using FPGA, West created a way for players of the Atari 2600 classic video game system to manipulate their games to make things easier (or harder), and even access content that wasn’t included in the proper release of the game.
  • Project14 Theme of the Year: A new award for 2018, Robots With Wheels was the community’s favorite theme in 2018.

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