Universal Robots and VersaBuilt launch new cobot CNC interface

Feb. 6, 2019
The URCap allows a UR cobot to execute any machining program stored on the CNC directly through the cobot’s own teach pendant

VersaBuilt’s CNC Communication URCap is a simple interface for machine tending applications with Universal Robots. Launching at Universal Robots’ booth at the ATX West show Feb. 5–7 in Anaheim, California, the URCap allows a UR cobot to execute any machining program stored on the CNC directly through the cobot’s own teach pendant. Initially launching for Haas CNC machines, VersaBuilt will develop UR interfaces for other popular CNC makes later this year.

The Haas CNC Communication URCap will soon be available through the UR+ platform, a series of products all certified to integrate with UR cobots. The URCap maintains all Haas safety interlock features and works with Haas, VersaBuilt and other third-party automatic door openers.

VersaBuilt’s MultiGrip workholding system will also soon be available through the UR+ platform. MultiGrip includes an automatic vise, machinable jaws and an end-of-arm tool for the UR robot. The MultiGrip uses a workholding system that allows the robot and the CNC to share a set of MultiGrip machinable jaws for infeed, outfeed and CNC machining.

Joining VersaBuilt in the UR+ pipeline is Visumatic’s VCM-3X.2 Collaborative Screw Driving Package delivering repeatable joining operations handled directly through the UR cobot’s teach pendant. The system communicates to a screw driver control that handles a range of different screw driving feeds and routines. The VCM is bundled with pre-programmed fault recovery logic and Visumatic’s power bit advance, bit position sensors and fastener delivery confirmation.

Visitors at UR’s ATX booth can also experience the first solution for random robotic case erecting, the XPAK ROBOX. The box erector, powered by a UR10e cobot arm allows packagers to randomly erect any box in their suite on-demand without changeover.

The UR10e is the largest cobot in Universal Robots line of cobots, the e-Series, showcased for the first time at the ATX West show. 

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