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Rockwell CEO discusses future of IIoT at Cisco Internet of Things World Forum

May 25, 2017
Blake Moret says positive outcomes associated with IoT will continue to accelerate

Rockwell Automation CEO Blake Moret at Cisco's 2017 Internet of Things World Forum. Photo by Aidan Synnott.

(Source: Rockwell Automation)

President and CEO of Rockwell Automation Blake Moret spoke on Internet of Things (IoT) adoption and its impact on industrial productivity at Cisco’s IoT World Forum in London on May 24. Moret shared his insights directly with more than 1,200 business leaders.According to Moret, the positive outcomes associated with IoT will continue to accelerate as organizations progress from pilot or proof-of-concept IoT projects to scalable IoT deployments. According to the Global IoT Decision Maker Survey published by International Data Corporation (IDC), 31 percent of those surveyed have already launched IoT solutions and another 43 percent are looking to deploy solutions in the next 12 months. Rockwell says it is seeing a similar trend in its deployment of IoT solutions, and continues to increase its number of pilots across industries, applications and geographies. "Manufacturers and industrial operators are discovering practical ways to apply IoT across their operations, and they’re deriving measurable business value as a result," Moret said. "Combining IoT technology and expertise in specific industrial applications enables better collaboration, faster problem-solving and increased productivity."Moret said the lower cost of computing and connectivity and the convergence of information technology and operations technology is driving the adoption of industrial IoT and connected operations. He also spoke about how a Connected Enterprise that adopts IoT technologies can generate  insight into industrial operations and deliver value by providing the right information at every level of their business through scalable analytics. He cited Great Lakes Brewing Co. as a Rockwell Automation customer that is adopting scalable analytics.

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