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Nidec founder outlines future to Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer

Feb. 3, 2017
Shigenobu Nagamori, the Kyoto-based company CEO, presented to staff at their respective headquarters in the Britain and France.

Nidec founder and CEO Shigenobu Nagamori exchanges business cards with First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones

Founder and CEO of Nidec, Shigenobu Nagamori, made a presentation to Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer staff at their respective headquarters in Newtown, UK and Angouleme, France on February 2 and 3. The events were broadcast to their staff across the world. 

Nagamori spoke about the opportunities to both businesses, and was positive about the Nidec's potential impact. Staff were invited to ask questions regarding investment, job security and proposals for future growth. The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones AM was in attendence and met with Nagamori to discuss Control Techniques' future in Wales.

“Industries which require the use of electric motors, and therefore drives, will form the backbone of the world’s economy in the future," said Nagamori. "Look at the expansion in the use of robots, electric vehicles and drones. All these items need motors, and all those motors need drives. There are clear opportunities for Control Techniques, Leroy-Somer and ultimately Nidec to prosper here."

Nidec manufactures electric motors and related components, including small precision motors, motors for automotive, commercial and industrial applications, and medium voltage motors and generators. It employs around 140,000 people worldwide and has operations in over 40 countries. According to Nidec, it has been actively developing a new growth platform with particular focus on appliance, industrial and commercial business.

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