CLPA launches CC-Link IE Field Basic

Jan. 10, 2017
The move aims to expand the adoption of the industrial open network CC-Link IE.

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) have launched CC-Link IE Field Basic in an effort to expand the adoption of the industrial open network CC-Link IE. This is an open field network using general-purpose 100Mbps Ethernet communication and is a new network mode in the CC-Link IE Ethernet-based integrated network lineup.

According to CLPA, specifications that enable communication compatibility using software alone lower the threshold for control device networks, which can lead to transparent and high-efficiency production facilities.

CC-Link IE is an industrial open network using standard Ethernet technology that also has wide 1Gbps bandwidth. According the the CLPA, the Field Basic specification offers implementation with general purpose Ethernet devices, inherits CC-Link IE features such as network transparency, and CC-Link IE Field Basic compatible slave devices can be developed quickly as only software implementation is required for CC-Link IE Field Basic compatible devices. Devices compatible with other protocols can share hardware. Not only PLCs but also general-purpose computers can be used as master devices.

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