Okuma and Chip Ganassi Racing host race-centric Manufacturing Day event

Nov. 6, 2016
The organizations gave high school students a behind–the-scenes tour of the race facility, teaching about CNC machining technologies and careers.

Okuma, a CNC machine tool manufacturer, and Chip Ganassi Racing (CGR), one of the most successful race teams in the world, joined forces to inspire the next generation of manufacturers by hosting a Manufacturing Day event at CGR on Wednesday, October 26. The event gave local high school students the opportunity to tour CGR’s facility and learn how CNC machining and modern manufacturing play an important role in racing as well as a number of industries.

“U.S. manufacturers face a significant shortfall in qualified, skilled workers and the skills gap increases every year,” said Brittany Russell, Okuma training program manager. “As manufacturing professionals we feel it’s important to show students the wide variety of career paths in the industry. Partnering with CGR is a step in the right direction to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.”

Students toured the machine shop, sub assembly, heavy fab and final assembly departments and spoke with several professionals in their respective areas of expertise. They were educated on various roles and careers and the education level and experience needed to obtain those jobs as engineers, machine tool operators, and programmers.

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