Bishop-Wisecarver Group celebrates 65th anniversary

Oct. 13, 2015
The company formed in 1950 to manufacture truck accessories.

Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG), a WBENC-certified company, celebrates its 65th anniversary this year. The company formed in 1950 to manufacture truck accessories and today provides linear and rotary motion product lines.

BWG’s heritage comes from its founder, Bud Wisecarver, who has spent more than 80 years designing and innovating products that help industries work more efficiently. While Wisecarver is still inventing for the company, his daughter, Pamela Kan, took over BWG leadership as President in 2000. Kan grew up in, and around, BWG and has worked at the company since 1991.

“Our 65th anniversary is truly a celebration of my Dad’s vision and commitment to helping solve each customers’ unique problems – whether someone needs one item or thousands, or needs to configure and customize products to meet their specific needs,” said Pamela Kan, BWG president. “As we’ve grown and expanded, we can now promise customers we are providing the best solutions to meet their ever-changing needs and, if we don’t have the product, we can help them design it. From inception to completion, we have an arsenal of product offerings that can truly help customers wherever they are in the process.” 

Brian Burke, product manager at BWG and employee since 2003 adds: “As BWG has continued to grow and transform over the years, the company has remained steadfast in its mission to deliver real innovation, product quality and personalized customer service. As a longtime employee, I’ve always been proud of the top level products we provide, as well as the design and engineering services that help customers develop solutions better than they thought possible. Each problem we help solve means success for our customers and continues BWG’s long history of success.” 

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