Omron to acquire Delta Tau Data Systems

Aug. 3, 2015
Deal adds PMAC motion controller to Omron's product line

Omron Corporation has entered a stock purchase agreement to acquire a 100% stake in control device vendor Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. of Chatsworth, California, which will result in Delta Tau’s becoming a member of the Omron Group. The acquisition is subject to customary conditions to closing. The acquisition is expected to be complete in early September, 2015.

The acquisition is part of Omron’s strategy to promote its development of factory automation technology and strengthen its sales capability in the control device business. Through the acquisition of Delta Tau, Omron says it aims to reinforce its technology development and engineering capabilities in the field of motion control. Merging products and technologies of both companies will also enable delivery of optimized motion control solutions globally through combined distribution networks.   

As a leader in industrial automation, Omron has extensive lines of control components and equipment, ranging from image-processing sensors and other input devices through various controllers to output devices such as servo drives and servo motors, along with a range of safety devices and in-panel controllers.

Omron’s NJ/NX series of machine automation controllers integrate logic, motion, vision, safety and networking functions into a single unit. Connecting various input and output devices, such as vision sensors and servo drives, to the NJ/NX enables high-performance motion control that is difficult through conventional PLCs. The NJ/NX series provides manufacturers in the automobile, digital device, food and beverage packaging, and other industries with solutions and engineering support.

Delta Tau manufactures the PMAC motion controller, used mainly producers of semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment, machine tools and packaging machines.

According to Omron, the acquisition will allowitto combine the PMAC motion controller with its wide range of products and offer new solutions to its customers globally. By leveraging DT’s sales network Omron will provide Delta Tau's customers with high-performance solutions comprising OMRON’s control devices and Delta Tau's PMAC. Omron will also aim to expand applications of its solutions by adopting Delta Tau's high-performance motion control technology.