Patti Engineering, Hagbros Precision Form Alliance

Feb. 25, 2014
Companies Collaborate on Five Projects and Join Together to Provide Robust Manufacturing Solutions

Control systems integrator, Patti Engineering, and Hagbros Precision engineers have formed a strategic alliance to provide turnkey solutions for complex manufacturing challenges.

Patti Engineering's electrical engineers and Hagbros Precision's mechanical engineers have already collaborated on five successful projects and will continue to work together under the new agreement to enhance competitive advantages.

"We are excited about this alliance," said, Dennis Haggerty, general manager for Hagbros Precision. "Patti Engineering is a company that shows the level of passion we have to solve complex manufacturing challenges."

The turnkey manufacturing solutions to be provided include everything from building a new vision inspection station to the complete design, construction, programming, assembly, installation and commissioning of automated assembly lines, according to Patti Engineering.

The alliance creates a highly skilled team of engineering talent. With Hagbros Precision's 40-man team offering full in-house manufacturing capabilities, the company has full control of its supply chain, and can better control costs and meet the delivery needs of customers.

Patti Engineering brings high-caliber engineering and software development services to the alliance. Some of its services include designing and building new control systems, upgrading and retrofitting equipment with antiquated control systems, and designing and implementing asset and energy management projects.

Together, Patti Engineering's floor-level controls and front office IT business systems background and Hagbros Precision's mechanical design and manufacturing capabilities offer a valuable set of resources to manufactures.

"Teaming up with Hagbros Precision uniquely positions us in the market to provide manufacturers with higher caliber turnkey engineering solutions, in addition to project support from start to finish," said Sam Hoff, executive vice president for Patti Engineering.

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