connectBlue and Sigma Connectivity Form IoT Partnership

Jan. 21, 2014
Sigma Connectivity to Develop Automated Test Fixtures for connectBlue's Multiradio Module OWL355

A new agreement has been met that enables wireless solutions provider, connectBlue, to deliver robust test solutions for Sigma Connectivity's, Internet of Things (Iot) solutions consultant, latest Multiradio module.

Sigma Connectivity will develop automated test fixtures as tools used in the production of connectBlue's Multiradio module OWL355. The OWL355 meets a higher quality level regarding both IPC class and AQL standards.

"Our ability to offer robust, flexible and cost-efficient test solutions is based on many years of high volume production experience," said Fredrik Hedlund, CEO of Sigma Connectivity. "We are happy to be chosen as partner to connectBlue, and we are confident that we can make a difference in meeting their demand for speed and quality."

The automated test fixtures are designed for high-volume production, will add flexibility through modular design and increase the current capacity, according to connectBlue. The developed system will be used for all connectBlue products.

"Though our wireless products already are well-known for their robust and reliable operation under the harshest of conditions, we constantly look at how to make the production more streamlined, faster and of even higher quality," said Rolf Nilsson, CEO of connectBlue. "This is why we have entered into collaboration with Sigma Connectivity to apply an automated test procedure in the production facilities."