10 New Companies Join Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork

Oct. 28, 2013
Product Supply Partners, OEM Partner and Solution Partner Give Manufacturers Access to a Global Network

Last week, Rockwell Automation welcomed eight new product suppliers in the Americas region to join its Encompass program and two new companies in the EMEA region to its PartnerNetwork program. Additionally, an existing partner from its Encompass program was recognized for global partner status.

The 10 new companies from the Americas region are Exlar Corp., LinTech, Marathon Motors, Nook Industries, Owl Computing Technologies, Samson Controls, Solidworks Corp. and Tolomatic. OEM Partner OCME and Solution Partner Gundlack Automation GmbH were added from the EMEA region. Existing Encompass partner Win-911 Software achieved global partner status through its expansion from an Americas EMEA regional partner into the Asia-Pacific region.

The ten companies were selected based on the belief that each provides products and services that would expand access to global networks, as well as benefit Rockwell Automation solutions.

PartnerNetwork members contribute to innovative project designs and collaboration among suppliers, thus improving the overall supply chain.

Encompas members were selected based on connectivity solutions that benefit Rockwell Automation solutions. Not only will Encompass member work to enhance Rockwell Automation's Integrated Architecture system, but they additionally add support for customers during the product selection process.