Cyber Security Attacks Spike Industry and Governmental Concern

Oct. 21, 2013
ARC Advisory Group Predicts a Promising Future for Cyber Security Product and Service Providers

The demand for cyber security products and services continues to grow, and is predicted to have an even more promising future, according the "Industrial Cyber Security Global Market Research Study," from ARC Advisory Group.

An increase in security concerns surrounding facilities along with more government influences are responsible for the growing demand. Greater supply of product consolidations, expanded services and a shift from emerging to mature market players is also influencing demand.

The study suggests anyone involved in protecting critical company assets be aware and understand new developments in the cyber security marketplace because there are a variety of continual technological and organizational decisions to be made that can have devastating consequences if mistake are made.

Examples such as Stuxnet and Shamoon cyber attacks have increased industry and governmental concern on the security of their critical infrastructure. Companies are learning that even the most secure systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Industrial organizations are some of the largest victims of cyber crime and cyber warfare.