Watch: How Today's Generation Is Designing the Future

Sept. 11, 2013
VDMA Video Aims to Increase Today's Young Generation's Appetite for Integrated Assembly Solutions

The mechanical engineering sector is weary of its future due to the lack of young people entering into the field. The current generation of students is far more interested in technology that is accessible through smart phones and other handheld interfaces, that little are choosing to fulfill a career in mechanical engineering.

Today's students that go for a technical education want to be designers of fancy products. German engineering association VDMA says this is because a mid-sized mechanical engineering company doesn't seem all that exciting, and most don't see the benefits.

VDMA recently decided to change the name of its Assembly and Handling Technology sector to Integrated Assembly Solutions (IAS), as part of the association's goal to explain the international and technological importance of the sector.

The following video aims to increase today's young generation's appetite for IAS by explaining what its all about. See why social media is an important tool for communication, but also why traditional media remains a key factor in education.