Watch: Protecting Workers, Equipment From Arc Flash Hazards

Sept. 6, 2013
Arc Flash Mitigation Video Demos Effects on PPE Hazard Category 0

High-performance materials for extreme environments provider Mersen has released a new video to help educate the automation community about the dangers of arch flash, an explosive power that creates intense hazards. According to Mersen, more than 2,000 workers were sent to burn centers this year from arc flash-related injuries.

The "Arc Flash Mitigation Using Mersen's Amp-Trap 2000 Fuses" video showcases arc flash testing from Mersen's High-Power Test Lab, demonstrating the effects on PPE Hazard Category 0 when different fuse classes are used.

Amp-Trap 2000 fuse family's wide range of sizes and current ratings allows for complete protection of electrical systems, minimizing let-thru current that flows downward. Amp-Trap 2000 fuses also feature time-delay, 2:1 selectivity, metal-embossed dates and catalog numbers, a fiberglass body and more.

Learn how the Amp-Trap 2000 fuses can protect your workers and facility equipment. For more information on arc flash, how to protect employees from arc flash and plant regulations, visit