Video: Measuring Effective Teaching

March 18, 2013
Bill Gates Share His Thoughts With the Washington Post on Education and Cyber Security

In his annual letter, Bill Gates shared his thought on education and cyber security. He sat down for an interview last week with the Washington Post to discuss two key points: how we measure education and the importance of cyber security in the U.S.

We are able to measure a student's performance by incremental growth - as they graduate from one school to another, he says. However, on the other side of the education system, 95% of all teachers get no feedback regarding their teaching performance. Gates says a system needs to be developed that helps institutions identify what its teachers are doing wrong and provide them with the tools to research how they can improve their practices.

In a recent statement, the director of National Intelligence called cyber attak the most dangerous and immediate threat to the U.S. Gate says more investments need to be made in order for the government to develop better tactics in handling these types of issues.

Watch the full interview here: