Symmetricom Adds Belden to SyncWorld Ecosystem Program

June 24, 2013
GarrettCom 10 Series Managed Switches Improve Precision Timing Needed to Operate and Manage Today's Smart Grids

GarrettCom, a brand of Belden, has been accepted as a charter member of Symmetricom's SyncWorld Ecosystem Program for its ability to successfully demonstrate interoperability that meets advanced networking requirements for precise timing and synchronization.

GarrettCom's 10 Series managed switches use IEEE 1588 to deliver a solution using delays of less than 50 nanoseconds, according to Belden. Power transmission and distribution customers can improve operations and management of smart grids with improved precision timing. GarrettCom's managed switches demonstrate interoperability with Symmetricom's SGC-1500 Smart Grid Clock.

IEEE 1588v2 is an advanced timing protocol that offers sub-microsecond time delay synchronization for master clocks, boundary clocks and transparent clocks in substations and power delivery devices such as sensors and actuators over an Ethernet network. GarrettCom's switch timing accuracy exceeds the requirements of "next generation" IEC 61850-3 specifications.

"Increasing automation is likely to require synchronization at a rate in the tens of nanoseconds. It is incumbent upon equipment suppliers such as Belden and Symmetricom to develop, market and support the standards-based hardware and software required to maintain that level of precision," said Carey Trost, director of product line management for Belden. "With Belden's membership in the Symmetricom SyncWorld Ecosystem Program, our power transmission and distribution customers are assured that GarrettCom's robust substation-hardened switches and Symmetricom's Grandmaster timing clock will interoperate seamlessly. Together we offer our customers the best tools to access, monitor and maximize the performance of their grids."

This advanced synchronization enables power supply operators to make adjustments and improvements to a smart grid's performance by allowing them to reconstruct the sequence of events after an incident occures. IEEE 1588v2 is compliant with IEC 61850 standards because the protocol supports seamless line switchovers and events that require precise timing. The protocol is important to modern power management and delivery systems because it supports required control algorithms.

"The smart grid has brought about power technology advancements that are changing substation operations, resulting in power equipment and their data networks to shift from reactive control to proactive, real-time management control," said Manish Gupta, vice president of marketing for Symmetricom. "We welcome Belden to the SyncWorld Ecosystem and look forward to enabling precise power transmission and distribution to customers."