STAR HMI/SCADA Software Guide Helps Users Select Suppliers

April 15, 2013
ARC Advisory Group Guide Provides Selection Criteria and Guided Workflow Steps for Choosing an HMI/SCADA Software Supplier

A new HMI/SCADA software supplier selection guide has been released by ARC Advisory Group to help those involved in the selection process make faster and more informed decisions when choosing a software supplier.

The ARC STAR Supplier Evaluation and Selection Service guide includes selection criteria as well as step-by-step instructions for evaluating suppliers. Criteria ranges from the plant floor through production management and IT, according to ARC, and includes communication and devices.

"New technologies, such as cloud, virtualization, mobility and analytics are becoming increasingly important capabilities for end users and OEMs who deploy the latest HMI/SCADA software systems to consider," said Craig Resnick, vice president of consulting for ARC. "At the same time, HMI/SCADA software is increasing its role as an integration and business intelligence hub, providing connectivity and visualization to business, engineering, supply chain and CPM/MES software systems in addition to its traditional display and control role for plant equipment and automation systems located throughout factories and plants globally."

HMI/SCADA software is becoming more and more important for industrial organizations. A company should look at a supplier's local and global presence and the types of long-term goals they have for their future. Important selection factors include hardware platform requirements, system operating software, how upgrades and patches are managed, and what is the frequency of version releases, according to ARC.

Read the full press release from ARC Advisory Group.