Renishaw Declares Acquisition of R&R Sales and Engineering

May 10, 2012
Renishaw's Merge Supports Growing Focus on Metrology System Sales
Photo by Renishaw
R&R Fixture for CMM
Renishaw, a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining, announced this month it bought out R&R Sales and Engineering, a U.S.-based leader that builds modular fixturing systems designed for use with coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Renishaw said the merge with R&R supports their growing focus on metrology system sales, such as those involving the company's new Equator gauge, which requires fixturing devices. "We are very pleased to announce our acquisition of R&R. We have known the company and its products for many years, and it has a very strong presence in the U.S. where it supplies fixturing to many manufacturers," said Sir David McMurtry, Renishaw's Chairman and Chief Executive. "With our new measurement products, such as the Equator gauge, and our existing global customer base for measurement products, we believe that we can significantly expand the market for R&R fixtures." R&R is a family-owned company located in Grand Haven, Mich. With only 19 employees, the company has supplied the global measurement market with both modular and custom fixtures for CMM and vision systems for the last 20 years.
Photo by Renishaw
Senior Renishaw staff meet the directors
of R&R Sales and Engineering.
"We sincerely believe Renishaw's extensive worldwide network of offices will help promote our fixturing on a more international basis, and we also hope to incorporate Renishaw's manufacturing processes within our plant to further improve our operational efficiencies," said John Ray, President of R&R. "We have had a long relationship with Renishaw in the U.S., and now look forward to building new relationships with Renishaw offices worldwide." The R&R Fixture is popular in almost every manufacturing field including automtive electronics, aerospace, medical and household appliances.