Mechatrolink Offers Free Membership Upgrade

Jan. 31, 2012
Until the End of March, Mechatrolink Members Assn. Is Offering a Year's Regular Membership, Which Normally Costs $1,500, for Free

The Mechatrolink Members Assn. (MMA) is running a membership drive that lets end users, machine and robot builders, system integrators and motion control suppliers join the association as a Regular Member for free. Membership includes several benefits, including preferred access to motion control markets in China and other parts of Asia.

Entry Level membership has always been free, but this drive allows companies to join as Regular Members with added benefits. An annual Regular Membership in MMA normally costs $1,500, but is free until March 31, lasting until March 31, 2013.

The upgrade membership allows members to purchase Mechatrolink ASIC chips and sample kits, submit their products for certification test, and introduce and advertise their product on the Mechatrolink website. Members can also participate in subcommittees and general meetings, make technical inquiries by email and telephone, and receive product development support.

Mechatrolink connects devices such as servo motors, servo amps and I/O to each other and to motion controllers such as PLCs, PACs and motion controllers. According to MMA, Mechatrolink is the most widely used motion control network in Asia, and is gaining ground in the U.S. It is available in both RS-485 and Ethernet versions, operates at speeds up to 100 Mbps, and can support up to 62 simultaneous devices.