GE Energy Launches Grid IQ Network Communications Platform

Feb. 27, 2012
GE's Grid IQ Network Communications Platform Enables Global Utilities to Efficiently Build and Deploy Grid Modernization Systems

ROCHESTER, N.Y.—February 27, 2012—GE (NYSE: GE) announced today the availability of its Grid IQ Network Communications Platform, an end-to-end, industrial-grade networking communications platform that supports AMI, SCADA and other mission critical grid automation communication applications. Designed for ruggedized environments, the Network Communications Platform meets customers' expanding needs for a single network that can support multiple grid applications. The platform also supports utilities' critical needs to simplify operations, lower overall operating and capital expenses as well as providing the capability to leverage legacy networks and end devices.

"GE has been providing utilities with innovative solutions to enhance all areas of the electric grid for over 125 years. As utilities move towards next generation grid enhancements, GE is proud to continue providing solutions that meet critical requirements around scalability, security and reliability," states Tom Mueller, general manager, Industrial Communications for GE's Digital Energy business. "The Grid IQ Network Communications platform is designed to provide utilities with a multi-purpose network that has the capability to span multiple grid applications, edge devices and communications types."

The Grid IQ Network Communications Platform enables large scale AMI, SCADA and other grid automation communication applications that can be utilized by utilities around the globe. It is a unified IP-based network infrastructure providing connectivity to existing and emerging AMI, SCADA and other grid automation communication applications including: 

  • High-Capacity fiber and microwave backhaul.
  • Scalable, wireless broadband communications utilizing Industrial WiMAX.
  • A portfolio of edge access wireless devices to extend coverage.
  • Field area gateways supporting legacy systems.
  • An SNMP-based network management system for ongoing and proactive management and maintenance.

All components provided in the Grid IQ Network Communications Platform are designed for industrial applications and deployments in harsh environments, support utilities in meeting their NERC-CIP  security requirements and are standards based at all layers.

GE's Digital Energy business is working around the globe to modernize the grid with advanced technologies to increase reliability and efficiency and meet the world's 21st century energy challenges.

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