NI Selects G Systems as an Embedded Control Specialty Partner

Aug. 20, 2012
G Systems Recognized for Proven Success With Embedded Control, Monitoring Applications

This month, G Systems, a systems integration company that specializes in the design and build of turnkey test and measurement, data acquisition and control systems, was chosen by National Instruments as an Embedded Control Specialty Partner.

The Embedded Control Specialty recognizes NI alliance partners that demonstrate a high level of proficiency in design, control and monitoring applications with LabView and LabView Real-Time, LabView FPGA software modules, CompactRIO, NI Single-board RIO, and/or NI R Series devices.

"National Instruments has selected G Systems to be an inaugural member of the new Embedded Control Specialty, an elite program which recognizes NI alliance partners who have demonstrated significant and credible expertise in designing NI RIO based embedded systems," said Meghan Kerry, product marketing manager at NI.

G Systems was recognized not only for its significant success in meeting requirements for LabView developer certifications, expertise in RIO technology, and embedded control and monitoring experience, but also for its business stability and software design capability.

"Being selected for both the Embedded Control Specialty as well as the Electronic Design Specialty is a great honor that recognizes our test and measurement expertise plus our custom and embedded design strengths," said Lynda Harrell, president and CEO, G Systems. G Systems is known for consistently delivering high-quality low-risk solutions. Our custom electronics and embedded systems are excellent examples, and NI recognizes those skills."

Kerry said NI looks forward to strengthening its partnership with G Systems and is excited to begin solving advanced engineering challenges with them.