Motion Control Carries on With Recovery

Aug. 31, 2011
Though Down Slightly From the Q1, Second-Quarter Motion Control Sales Continue With Their Recovery, Growing Almost 24% Year-Over-Year

Though experiencing a slight decline over the previous quarter, Q2 results continue to show that the motion control market is on the mend. Second-quarter sales being down a bit is consistent with measures of manufacturing sector performance for the period and, compared with the same quarter of 2010, orders were up almost 24%, according to the Motion Control Association (MCA).

“The results of the second quarter strongly suggest that the motion control market recovery has not lost its vigor,” said Paul Kellett, MCA’s director of market analysis. “Despite a decline in real gross domestic product, indicators of manufacturing performance have remained strong through the second quarter and explain in part the performance of the market.”

MCA monitors several product markets within the sector, including motion controllers, electronic and ac drives, motors, actuators and mechanical systems, sensors, other ancillary components, and support and services. Shipment growth—up 4% from Q1—was evident across most product categories.

“MCA’s new, forward-looking sentiment report shows that most motion control companies expect no real weakening in market performance for the next two quarters,” said Dana Whalls, MCA’s vice president. “They predict that orders and shipments will remain at current levels or increase. This is certainly encouraging.”