Flexible I/O Module for Mobile Use

June 9, 2011
Jetter AG has launched a robust and flexible JXM-IO-E02 device for mobile automation

As a system provider for mobile automation, in the new JXM-IO-E02 I/O module, Jetter AG has launched a robust and flexible device particularly intended for use in vehicles and mobile machinery. It can be operated at a voltage of 8 ... 32 VDC and at a temperature of -40 ... +85 °C. Degree of protection IP68 is achieved in its robust aluminum casing. All signals are sent to a 70-pin connector. The device has 16 digital inputs and outputs (positive switching) and 5 digital inputs (positive/negative switching).

It comprises one analog output, four analog inputs, two frequency inputs up to a maximum of 10 kHz, three PWM outputs and an H-bridge.

The JXM-IO-E02 module has three tristate inputs and two outputs to supply switches. It is controlled via a CANopen interface. The module is used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, fire-fighting vehicles, municipal vehicles and rail vehicles.