ISaGRAF Releases Version 6.0

Sept. 21, 2010
ISaGRAF 6 Workbench Is a Modular and Flexible Environment

ISaGRAF 6 leverages the powerful Microsoft Visual Studio Shell and offers an environment for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and automation vendors to create differentiated products for its markets.

Based on an open plug-in technology designed specifically for industrial automation needs, the ISaGRAF 6 Workbench is a modular and flexible environment that allows users to add or remove components.  Every component in the ISaGRAF 6 Workbench was developed with and interacts through ISaGRAF's new Microsoft .NET Framework-based technology called the Automation Collaborative Platform (ACP).

The initial ISaGRAF 6.0 release contains several plug-ins.  The core of the product includes a Ladder Diagram editor, a Function Block Diagram editor, a Structured Text editor, a Tag Database editor (Dictionary), plus several other auxiliary plug-ins. The ISaGRAF ACP provides the ability to add or remove the various plug-ins to meet specific automation product requirements.

Scheduled Release of additional Plug-ins

ISaGRAF will release a new plug-in every other week over the next several months to complement the ISaGRAF 6 offering. The staged release of the different industrial automation components, including the programming language editors, illustrates the modularity and flexibility of this new environment.  Other languages will be added to complete the IEC 61131 suite.