BEI Releases Second Edition of Industrial Encoders for Dummies

Sept. 21, 2010
Select and Install Encoders Correctly for Trouble-Free Performance with BEI Sensors' Industrial Encoder for Dummies 2nd Edition

BEI Sensors' Industrial Encoder for Dummies 2nd Edition, features new sections including in-depth explanations of resolution vs. accuracy, natural binary vs. gray code, and how to choose an encoder for your specific needs. 

The 44 page book helps readers recognize which encoder features really matter. The book also allows readers to discover the lingo of encoders and understand potential electrical and environmental problems to avoid common pitfalls.

BEI has partnered with the For Dummies series to provide an easy to read, no nonsense approach to essential technical information. This survival guide to the industrial encoder world can be a quick reference, a refresher or a complete top-to-bottom read on everything encoders.

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