SIE Computing Solutions Inc. Chooses as Bosch's Custom Engineering Partner

Sept. 21, 2010
Bosch Selects SIE Computing Solutions to Custom-Design New Chassis and Backplane for the ADAM-M Compact Intercom Matrix Frame

SIE Computing Solutions Inc., reports that RTS Intercom Systems, part of the Bosch Group, chose SIE as its custom engineering partner in the design of the new ADAM-M compact intercom matrix frame. RTS selected SIE to engineer a custom chassis, based on the design of the company's proven 545 Series enclosure and custom backplane design. 

The ADAM-M is designed to support the next generation of intercom technologies for high-speed applications such as headset networks on-location live broadcasts and other data-intensive communications. The backplane architecture supports higher performance I/O, and is capable of supporting 1,000+ time slots for integration into full ADAM-based systems. The front panel of the ADAM-M chassis is also designed to provide system status at-a-glance, including card activity, power status, and cooling function.