Motor Efficiency Controller Earns Award

March 4, 2009
Power Efficiency Noted for Product Innovation by Frost and Sullivan

Power Efficiency, which focuses on energy-efficiency technologies for electric motors, received the 2009 Frost and Sullivan North American Constant Speed Electric Motor Technology Innovation of the Year Award.

“Power Efficiency’s motor efficiency controllers with E-Save technology provide a technologically innovative yet economical means for many types of motor-driven equipment to use energy much more efficiently,” explains Chandra Kumar, research analyst at Frost and Sullivan. “Our extensive global research indicates energy efficiency has become one of the top concerns for purchasers of electric motors and motor controls. Power Efficiency’s unique E-Save technology improves the efficiency of constant speed motors in a broad range of applications in commercial buildings and industrial facilities.”

Each year the Frost and Sullivan award for Innovation of the Year is presented to the company that has demonstrated excellence in new products and technologies within its industry. Frost and Sullivan’s analysts track all new product launches, R&D spending, products in development and new product features and modifications—utilizing interviews in addition to technology research. These results are compared among all companies under consideration, evaluated based on degree of innovation and customer satisfaction and then ranked. Product criteria include significance, competitive advantage, innovation, acceptance, value-added services and number of competitors with similar products.

This award comes after a year of significant developments for Power Efficiency’s motor efficiency controllers (MECs) based on E-Save technology. Three patent filings have been completed on new inventions, and the company expects to file additional patents in 2009.

Power Efficiency’s MECs with E-Save technology have been installed and already are in use on escalators, granulators, MG-set elevators, rock crushers, stamping presses and other applications. Installations have been completed at industrial facilities such as aggregate plants and plastics facilities.

MECs combine all of the standard features of a sophisticated solid state motor control with energy saving of up to 35%, depending upon the load on the motor. This combination of standard motor control features with energy savings is designed to enable OEMs to incorporate MECs on their products to make them more energy-efficient and green.