Time Sensitive Networking Will Fuel Automation’s Future

Time-sensitive networking will fuel automation’s future

July 12, 2023
Moxa will share its mission to advance TSN ecosystem interoperability as part of industry forum Avnu Alliance

Moxa joined Avnu Alliance, an industry forum driving deterministic capabilities into open, standards-based networking. Moxa will focus on advancing time-sensitive networking (TSN) ecosystem interoperability.

Moxa and Avnu are also members of the TSN Industrial Automation Conformance Collaboration (TIACC), an industrial initiative driving TSN interoperability. Avnu and other industry protocol organizations and their members, such as Moxa, are working toward a jointly agreed and owned test plan for the industrial automation market.

Moxa is involved in many TSN standardization projects worldwide, including the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)/ Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 60802 TSN profile for industrial automation, IEEE 802.1 TSN Task Group, and launched a TSN-enabled switch with all ports supporting TSN in 2018. Additionally, Moxa is also dedicated significant resources to TSN interoperability testbeds to ensure that TSN solutions are stable and reliable before going to market, such as:

Industrial IoT Consortium (IIC) TSN testbed

Labs Network Industrie (LNI) 4.0 Testbed for TSN

Edge Computing Consortium (ECC) OPC UA TSN testbed

Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII) TSN testbed in China

China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI) TSN testbed

Taiwan Institute for Information Industry (III) TSN Testbed.

Based in Taiwan, Moxa will take its interoperability ecosystem further to the Asia Pacific region, across many industries.

“Moxa brings over a half-decade of experience developing TSN infrastructure to the Avnu Alliance, as well as a strong commitment to the APAC region, specifically China and Taiwan, which will help bring Avnu the capacity to expand our reach and community. Moxa also has shown a deep commitment to driving network convergence and interoperability through its work with the TIACC and participation in industry testbeds,” said Dave Cavalcanti, president of Avnu Alliance.

Avnu members work together to define conformance and interoperability tests as well as certification programs, ensuring that TSN products are easy to implement and enjoy broad global market appeal.