PACT and VFW join forces to honor American servicemen and women

Nov. 2, 2023
Packaging and Crating Technologies to donate 1% of sales proceeds to support veterans

To honor the sacrifice of American servicemen and women for both Veterans Day and National Military Appreciation Month, Packaging and Crating Technologies (PACT) in Watertown, Connecticut, has forged a charitable partnership with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) of Watertown. Throughout the month of November, the family-owned, container manufacturer will donate 1% of sales proceeds from its entire product line to the nonprofit organization whose purpose is to speed rehabilitation of the nation's disabled combat veterans, assist their families and provide education and community service.

“We have strong ties to the military as it’s a key business sector that uses our shipping and packaging containers when individual soldiers are moved from station to station,” said Rodger Mort, president of PACT. “It is our privilege to give back to the heroes and their families who have given our country so much by fundraising for America’s largest organization of combat veterans.”

PACT’s various patented shipping containers, which range in price between $40 and $2,000, are made from corrugated cardboard, a lightweight, sustainable and durable material that can often be reused for hundreds of moves.

“Our products are designed to meet overseas shipping requirements while keeping military equipment protected and dry,” added Mort. “From submarine doors and firing systems to flight simulators and combat systems, we have built custom solutions for every need.”

Lastly, when products are ready to be disposed of, PACT’s containers can be brought to any recycling center or eco-friendly dumpster.

“Whether it’s by purchasing one of our products, donating directly to a charity or participating in a local event, we encourage everyone to show their appreciation to the men and women in the armed forces during this month of thanksgiving,” said Mort.

The company’s newest innovation is Thermo Shield, a sustainable paper-based packaging material that suppresses and controls lithium-ion battery fires by mitigating thermal runaway, and PACT Lion-X, a lithium-ion battery fire extinguishing product.