Yokogawa and FPT Software partner for industrial digital transformation services

Nov. 30, 2023
The automation and IT companies’ complimentary services will support IT/OT convergence

Yokogawa Electric Corporation and FPT Software Company have partnered on a global supplier framework agreement for the development and deployment of digital transformation services. To support operation technology (OT)/information technology (IT) convergence, the automation and test and measurement provider and the IT services provider will focus on Yokogawa’s digital transformation portfolio and expanding FPT Software’s market reach.

Under this agreement, the two will cooperate on digital transformation strategy and developing new market opportunities. They have already successfully collaborated on digital transformation offerings since 2022.

Specifically, FPT Software will strengthen Yokogawa’s IT capabilities by providing support in the areas of application development, system maintenance, infrastructure deployment, infrastructure operation, and the offering of software-as-a-service. Yokogawa will leverage its foundation of OT know-how and experience to support FPT Software in applying its technologies to the field. The desired result for the two companies a broader array of enhanced and differentiated digital transformation services that make combined use of OT and IT.

Pham Minh Tuan, CEO of FPT Software, says, “Technology application in the industrial context is always one of FPT Software’s priorities, as we aim to drive agility, efficiency and innovation for our clients, enabling them to stay competitive and improve time-to-market. This collaboration with Yokogawa will allow both parties to blend their IT and OT expertise to revolutionize the industrial sector, as well as strengthen FPT Software’s growth in both the Japanese and global markets.”

Yukihiro Funyu, senior vice president of Yokogawa and head of the Digital Strategy Headquarters and DX-Platform Center in the Digital Solutions Headquarters, says, “Through this partnership, we will further accelerate internal digital transformation using FPT Software's cutting-edge digital technology and promote our transformation into a digital enterprise. Through this experience of transformation, we will strengthen our ability to make proposals to customers who are promoting digital transformation, and by providing services that combine the IT and OT of both companies, we will support customers’ digital transformation globally.”