Green supply chain leads edge-development effort at automation supplier

Feb. 6, 2024
Omron selects Wind River Studio for industrial-edge platform development

Omron is working to visualize the carbon footprint of its product supply chain and create energy management tools, with the goal of calculating and reducing greenhouse gas emissions based on data from production sites.

By providing sophisticated edge platforms that bridge informational technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), Omron aims to achieve both economic and social value in the manufacturing industry. To increase productivity at manufacturing sites, it is necessary to shorten time-to-market while also maintaining high quality. To solve these challenges and optimize software development, Omron selected Wind River Studio as the cloud-native development platform to successfully drive its DevOps approach.

“In the manufacturing industry, where there is a shortage of highly skilled human resources and challenges are becoming more sophisticated and complex, solutions that integrate IT and OT will be key in solving these issues,” said Jaeyoung Park, general manager, controller division, product business division HQ, industrial automation, Omron. “To this end, it was important to collaborate with Wind River, which has expertise in cloud-native development to develop, deploy and operate intelligent systems in the edge domain.”

Studio will be used to develop the software for the application. Additionally, Omron will use Studio to develop applications to meet the needs of future manufacturing sites implementing its edge products.

Wind River Studio was selected to develop Omron’s edge platform for industrial operational technology.

Omron is using Studio workflow automation capabilities with Wind River Studio Pipelines and cloud-native testing capabilities with Wind River Studio Virtual Lab and Wind River Studio Test Automation to improve development productivity. The company will also integrate tools from Wind River ecosystem partners involved in system development and incorporate them into an automation framework.

“As systems become more intelligent, they require solutions that enable optimization across the entire lifecycle with rapid development, seamless deployment and continuous improvement of software using data-driven insights,” said Chisa Nakata, president, Wind River Japan. “In Omron’s core field of control automation, it is necessary to provide high reliability, security and safety.”

Wind River Studio delivers a cloud-native environment that supports agile and geographically distributed development while ensuring those requirements. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Omron on its innovation journey and help increase productivity and continuously improve its intelligent systems development,” emphasized Nakata.