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Robotic work-cell digitalization for manufacturing wins competition in London

Feb. 13, 2024
Flexxbotics, Zaptic win Hexagon’s third Sixth Sense cohort

Flexxbotics and Zaptic won Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division’s third Sixth Sense cohort. Both rose from an intense program of the eight cohort participants that culminated with a pitching competition at the Sixth Sense Summit at CodeNode in London. Acerta Analytics was named as the runner-up in Hexagon’s third cohort.

A panel of judges from Hexagon’s corporate leadership team awarded Flexxbotics as a winner for its technology that provides work-cell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing. Zaptic joined the Flexxbotics team in the winner’s circle for its connected worker platform for manufacturing that digitalizes operations and accelerates operational excellence.

“We are thrilled to announce Flexxbotics and Zaptic as the winners of Hexagon's third Sixth Sense cohort because both address critical automation and productivity challenges while pushing forward the digitalization of the manufacturing industry,” said Josh Weiss, president of Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division. “Sixth Sense was conceived to identify emerging innovations and has succeeded in providing a platform for high-growth startups such as Flexxbotics and Zaptic, granting them access to resources and customers that are typically beyond reach at this stage of their development.”

The cohort winners will be given access to Hexagon's resources for global expansion, including potential funding, worldwide office space and the company’s suite of products and services. Additionally, they will be showcased on Hexagon's cloud-based digital reality platform for manufacturing, Nexus, providing them visibility to companies around the world and the opportunity to connect to their systems and data to solve bigger challenges and deliver more value.

“Sixth Sense with Hexagon has been a tremendously valuable experience, and we’re thrilled to be selected as the Industry 4.0 manufacturing robotics software winner of the program,” said Tyler Bouchard, co-founder and CEO of Flexxbotics. “We believe that the fleets of robots in the smart factory will run lights-out production, and that integrated inspection will be the critical eyes and ears of autonomous manufacturing.”

Zaptic’s co-founder and CCO, Sandy Reid, was thankful for the guidance and support the company received. “As knowledge and skill gaps continue to widen, manufacturers desperately need a more efficient way to secure and build capability in the workforce,” explained Reid. “Partnering with Hexagon will allow us to meet this need at scale with Zaptic’s AI-guided connected worker solution integrated with Hexagon products and service, delivering guided machine operation, troubleshooting and maintenance to end users.”

Hexagon launched Sixth Sense in January 2022 to nurture startups with innovations that address critical manufacturing industry challenges.

U.S.-based Gelsight, was named the winner of Hexagon’s second cohort in February of 2023 for its 3D tactile sensing solution through a digital sense of touch. It announced a global partnership to develop and sell solutions globally with Hexagon in February. Hexagon also congratulated the rest of the third cohort for their impressive pitches and dedication to growth during the program. These innovative startups include Dessia, Launchpad, Rafinex, RV Magnetics and ToffeeX.

“Sixth Sense is honored to be open to innovators worldwide addressing some of the planet's most significant challenges,” said Milan Kocić, head of Sixth Sense at Hexagon. “Across our three cohorts, we have witnessed how startup innovation empowers manufacturing leaders to confront society's future challenges. We eagerly anticipate welcoming another new cohort with diverse backgrounds and solutions to the latest challenges.”

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