Cobot manufacturer joins the ecosystem trend to integrate peripheral devices

March 19, 2024
Kassow Robots launches KR Pulse

Kassow Robots, manufacturer of seven-axis lightweight robots, has launched its KR Pulse ecosystem. The aim of KR Pulse is to enable system integrators and users to combine Kassow Robots cobots with end-of-arm tools and software. Copenhagen-based Kassow Robots, is majority-owned by Bosch Rexroth, which touts its own ctrlX World industrial ecosystem.

Kassow is the most recent company to join the group of industrial ecosystems. Universal Robots, also a cobot manufacturer, started the trend when it launched its UR+ ecosystem in 2016.

“The launch of KR Pulse is a milestone for Kassow Robots,” says Kristian Kassow, founder, co-owner and CEO. “With our ecosystem for peripheral devices and software, our end customers and partners can now implement cobot solutions even more quickly. The easy integration of our cobots into automation processes has been an essential part of our business concept since the beginning. KR Pulse further strengthens this approach.”

Segmented much like Bosch Rexroth’s ecosystem, KR Pulse is made up of three segments:

  • components such as grippers or vision systems
  • application kits such as hardware for applications like welding or dispensing
  • engineering tools to foster processes such as simulation.

“The open innovation culture among technology suppliers is the key to creating solutions that align with a flexible production environment,” says Máté Oláh, business development manager for Kassow Robots, who has put major effort into developing KR Pulse. “KR Pulse is the ideal ecosystem for this environment.”

Kassow Robots C-Buns compatibility bundles are one of the most important building blocks of the KR Pulse ecosystem. They are designed to enable the seamless functional plug-and-play integration of other products with Kassow Robots cobots.

Bosch Rexroth has been the majority shareholder since April 2022.

Kassow’s product family of five lightweight robots comprises the cobots:

  • KR 810, with a reach of 850 mm and a payload of 10 kg
  • KR1018, 1000 mm/18 kg
  • KR 1205, 1200 mm/5 kg
  • KR 1410, 1400 mm/10 kg
  • KR 1805, 1800 mm/5 kg.
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