Added communication protocols designed to facilitate integration with third-party controllers

March 27, 2024
Kollmorgen servo drive features new communication protocols

Kollmorgen updated its AKD2G servo drive with additional support of Profinet IRT and Ethernet/IP with CIP Sync alongside CANopen, EtherCAT and FSoE time-synchronized communication protocols. Each protocol is tested with a variety of motion controllers and certified by industry standards organizations.

The AKD2G servo drive update allows for synchronized motion between multiple drives using a wide variety of control architectures. AKD2G is designed for use in applications that require highly precise coordination across multiple axes of motion.

The drive features one- and two-axis variants. Engineers can leverage single-cable Smart Feedback Device (SFD) or Hiperface DSL connections or choose from other feedback devices. Finally, the drive features SafeMotion Monitor (SMM) firmware with a safety level of SIL3/PLe.